TITLE MMA DVD - Fight Night : Preparation For Coaches & Fighters

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TITLE MMA DVD - Fight Night : Preparation For Coaches & Fighters.

World class trainer and fighter, Duke Roufus, and UFC vet/ Jiu Jitsu black belt Eric "Red" Schafer have been at the top level of MMA, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, instructing, and wrestling for many years. What you will learn from this video will help advance and master your MMA game . . . guaranteed.

Professional fighter and trainer, Duke Roufus, along with fellow professional Eric "Red" Schafer get you fully prepared, focused and ready for the fight. Learn the inner secrets of wrapping hands specifically to protect the most viable assets - your hands - for MMA combat. Duke will show you in specific detail and illustration how to keep your hands protected, legal and power packed for the cage.

Discover the professional trainers' and fighters' perspective and inner knowledge on how to correctly corner a fighter and properly get the most out of the short break between rounds as well as:

  • TITLE Trainer's Kit
  • Fight Gloves and Equipment
  • Arrival Time
  • Pre-Fight Warm Up
  • And Much More