GRIPS Everyday Warrior Pima Cotton T-shirt - Black [BACK ORDER]

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GRIPS Everyday Warrior Pima Cotton T-shirt.

The GRIPS™ T-shirt Pima is made of the finest pima cotton, generated by a team which knows the importance of comfort and sweat resistance.  Athletic training requires comfortable work-out wear that is reliable and durable.
The GRIPS™ T-shirt was crafted with an extensive weave that makes it extremely soft, while also resistant to perspiration.  The Pima cotton weave, combined with the flatlock stitching design, makes this product durable for extensive washing and wearing.  The t-shirt is soft and resilient, with a natural defense against odor and sweat.  The Pima fabric makes this GRIPS™ product the most efficient in absorbing water and keeping its obvious elasticity.  Our high-quality fabric guarantees odor and sweat protection for up to 50% more than regular cotton.

Product Features

  • 100% Pima Cotton
  • Flatlock Stitching
  • Fit Cut
  • Silicon Injection for Customized Logos (side)
  • Customized Logo (front/back panels)
  • High Durability Rubber Printing