GRIPS Endurance Training Shorts - Black [BACK ORDER]

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GRIPS Endurance Training Shorts.

Training shorts are an everyday staple of the athletic closet.  GRIPS™ Training Shorts Endurance are built just for that - to persevere in training.   Training Shorts Endurance are made with light, stretchable material easy to breathe in and perspire comfortably throughout.
Made from 100% polyester fabric, these shorts allow versatility and enhancement of  range-of-motion.  Training Shorts Endurance are a simple design with maximum performance.  With an elastic closure and slim, silicone band on the interior design, they fit each particular athlete’s physique.  Unlike other sportswear, training shorts demand further wear and tear, so we’ve design ours to last the blood, sweat and tears of all combat and training exercises.  In addition, the zippered pocket conveniently hides locker keys and necessary accessories.