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GRIPS Croco Yellow Fightshorts.

GRIPS™ Grappling MMA Shorts are engineered for Mixed Martial Artistry by Mixed Martial Arts sportsmen.  We understand the details MMA sportsmen need - including aspects of design which allow free range-of-motion, comfort, and innovation in anatomical features. 
A modern design, created with the unique muscular architecture of the MMA combat athlete in mind.  Specifically designed for the grappling aspects of Mixed Martial Arts, GRIPS™ shorts combines front and back flexible panels with a Safe Lock™ system.  This is the latest invention of the PerformanceFit™ product line.  The technical aspects of this design concentrate on precision and versatility with details such as the stretchable lace.  These key product features enforces the athlete’s ability to adjust to his/her individual sporting needs. Tailored to help the sportsman perform with liberty of movement, delivers the best in design.
  • Body: Technical Specifications:
  • 100% Polyester
  • Safe Lock™ system
  • Front/Back Anatomic Flex Panels
  • Double-Spandex Interior Layer (Legs)
  • Split-Side Seams
  • High Durability Rubber Printing