WARPATH Direct™ is an importer and reseller of combat sports-related apparel & equipment.
"Direct to YOU!" is a trademark of WARPATH Direct™. All Rights Reserved.

WARPATH Fightwear™ is a sub-sidiary of WARPATH Direct™ and manufactures clothing and related items which is marketed and sold exclusively by WARPATH Direct™ either via Point Of Sale or via the online WARPATH Shop™ at shop.warpath.co.za

NEMESIS Fightwear™ & NEMESIS Jits Gear™ are subsidiaries of WARPATH Fightwear™.
"Just Jits Gear." & "Keep Rolling!" are trademarks of WARPATH Fightwear™. All Rights Reserved.

WARPATH™ Company Brand Identity
WARPATH™ is first and foremost a Mixed Martial Arts-related brand.

MMA has many disciplines, we've elected to focus and stock items for sports like : Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-jistu Gi and Jiu-jitsu No-Gi. Karate has it's place but the status quo uniforms are so boring it's not even on our radar circa 2018.

The WARPATH Direct™ primary brand color is red, and then secondary white and black. We chose red because it is a neutral color when it comes to the aspect of race. But, it's also a revolutionary color. So you will see a lot of "Red Fists" incorporated in all the WARPATH Direct™ logos.

WARPPATH Fightwear™'s emblem is a highly intricate polygonal Black Panther, affectionately dubbed the "Angry Panther" with WARPATH™ writing gritted in it's teeth.

WARPATH™ has also branched out into "sales channels" such as FunPath™, CarPath™, TarPath™, WarFair™, WarChild™, etc.

WARPATH™ Company Brand Values
WARPATH™ is and always will be aggressive, outrageous, in your face; and : revolutionary. We excel to be impressive in what we offer and how we offer it.

Additionally, you will not find anything directly related to either : demonic, occultic, draconic, or barbaric themes on our store or on the items we sell. In fact an example of a brand we're boycotting by not importing and stocking their items currently is TATAMI - because of the Iron Maiden items they're manufacturing and selling. And we love TATAMI, so it was a difficult decision. But one that had to be made.

"WARPATH". What's in a name?
    noun. A course that leads to warfare or battle.
    noun. A hostile course or mood.

To give the big picture I have to get a little religious on you. Have you heard of Armageddon? If not look it up in the Holy Bible in the book of Revelation. I personally believe that we're all on the WARPATH. The whole planet earth and everything and everyone on it is on the WARPATH by virtue of the impending Armageddon.

The small picture delves into how life works; in that people cannot leave one another alone. The strong without virtue will always prey on the weak. That preying behavior, when you encounter or counter it, whether you wanted for it to happen or not, has put you on the WARPATH.

YOU can either be a victor or a victim. The choice is YOURS.

WARPATH™ - Is it about encouraging going out to hurt one another? It may be about that for some people. But it's really about being ready and prepared to defend yourself or what YOU care about. The way YOU choose.

"NEMESIS". What's in a name?
    noun. Retributive justice in its execution or outcome.
    noun. An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome.


NEMESIS Fightwear™

NEMESIS Fightwear™ product lines are designed by individuals who are friends of WARPATH™. And then placed into production using the guest designer's name and blessing as mostly super-exclusive production runs.


NEMESIS Jits Gear™
We bowed under pressure. That's how NEMESIS Jits Gear™ came to be. Jiu-jitsu (or Jits for short) coaches and club owners were complaining that the WARPATH™ brand was too aggressive for them, and that it clashed with the spirit of Jits. Jits is sometimes referred to as the "gentle art" because there is no striking involved. There's nothing gentle about it, but that's what some people relate to when they think of jiu-jitsu, which then clashes with the values of WARPATH™, and in stark contrast I might add, as per design. So we bowed and now we're tooling NEMESIS JG to be more aligned to the "gentle art". But it's painfully obvious that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. You can only please some of the people some of the time, if you're lucky.

I trust reading this has helped you picture more clearly how WARPATH™ works and operates and what we're about.

- Aggro | WARPATH Direct™ & WARPATH Fightwear™